The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is a Crypto Fund on the ICONOMI Platform.

It can be difficult to choose which cryptocurrency to buy, since there are thousands available on the market.
Crypto Funds are collections (baskets) of different cryptocurrencies managed by experienced investors – ICONOMI Crypto Funds Experts. You can invest in ICONOMI experts’ Crypto Funds with just a few clicks.

Why Invest in the

Phoenix Paradigm Indicator

Saves you time

We, as Crypto Fund Experts, do all the hard work

Less Risky

Your investments are diversified

One click diversification

Invest in multiple cryptos divided into six different categories in one place


Our team has been active in realizing ‘Decentralized Finance’ since late 2015 and continues to do so on a daily basis.

“When you invest into a Crypto Fund your investment gets diversified across all cryptocurrencies that are in the structure of the Crypto Fund at that moment.”

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About the PPI

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator translates unique experiences with blockchain technology to investments that will shape a new financial paradigm. This paradigm has lately been described as ‘Open Finance’, also known as ‘Decentralized Finance’. The fund aims to select only those projects that enable individual freedom and provides equal access to financial infrastructures all over the world.

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About the team

We believe that blockchain technology has the capacity and potential to radically transform the way we conduct our finance. This transformation has big implications: allowing access to financial infrastructure for everyone and increased accountability, transparency and equality for the current financial industry. We have been active in realizing ‘Decentralized Finance’ since late 2015 and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Dirk-Jan Dorr
Dirk-Jan DorrCrypto Fund Expert
Nathan Hartman
Nathan HartmanCrypto Fund Expert
Maarten Dorr
Maarten DorrCrypto Fund Expert

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The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator (PPI) as provided by ICONOMI is not a product or service of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions. The role of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions with relation to the PPI is advisory.
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