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In this Quarterly update

> Weekly and Quarterly Stats — Phoenix Paradigm Indicator
> PPI Restructuring & Rebalancing
> Highlight — WAVES
> Weekend Read — Who Controls Bitcoin Core?

PPI Weekly Stats

We’re approaching the end of the year and luckily for all of us Santa seems to present of some relief from what looked like never ending losses. It was one of the worst quarters for the crypto markets. All assets in the market have, from all time high, seen between 80–95% losses at their worst moments. The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is also down -40% for Q4.

However, the good news is that the past week, with the recent upwards correction in the market, the PPI preformed as one of the best of all DAA’s on the ICONOMI platform and recorded a +35% in a week. Let’s enjoy this figure while it lasts and enjoy your holidays!

Check the live stats here: Dashboard
Performance chart for Q4

PPI Restructuring & Rebalancing

For Q4 2018 we decided on the following changes to the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator.


1. TenX from 2.5% to 0% (Removed from the PPI).

We suggested the complete removal of the PAY token out of the PPI. TenX announced a transition to a new reward system and an airdrop of a new token, the TenX token. This token will be distributed to PAY token holders. Positions on exchanges and the one in our portfolio are not eligible for this airdrop. After the airdrop, we will consider the PAY token again, based on ongoing analyses.

2. BitcoinCash BCH from 2,5% to 0%. (Removed from the PPI)

In the last restructuring, BitcoinCash was reduced from 5% to 2,5%. This time we suggested removing BCH from the PPI. We think that as the Bitcoin network develops with innovations as the Lightning network, BitcoinCash might lose appeal, especially when looking at the recent hardforks.

3. Waves WAVES from 5% to 7.5%. (increase)

Waves Platform has seen a sharp increase in price and was even valued 4 times more than our initial weighting of 5%. We suggested the rebalance at a great moment to take profit and at the same time increased Waves to 7.5%. With the current exposure and milestones of the Waves Platform we expect the Waves Platform to be well positioned in the race to a true smart contract platform. See also our weekly highlight for more information on Waves.

4. Stellar Lumen XLM, from 2,5% to 5% (increase).

Previous quarter we suggested Stellar Lumen to be added to the PPI. We’re happy with this addition to the PPI and after further analysis agreed to suggest another 2.5% increase.

Weekly Highlight — WAVES

Waves is expanding its ecosystem with the addition of Vostok, a private blockchain designed for institutions and governments. For this expansion it has raised 120 million USD from private investors, and it will airdrop 3% of the Vostok-System-Tokens (VST)to Waves holders.

In addition to launching Vostok it will launch a new global integrator company. Focusing on both private blockchain implementation in large enterprises and public blockchain implementation in services that require open blockchain approach.

Founder and CEO of the Waves Platform and the Vostok project, Sasha Ivanov said:”The Vostok project lies at the intersection of several disruptive technologies, including Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things. By implementing those in the IT infrastructures of corporations and government agencies, we lay the foundation for the digital economy. This is a logical continuation of the work we have been doing over the past few years, advancing the Waves platform’s technological achievements yet further.”
As written by Yahoo Finance 

Bloomberg’s report.

To go to the website.

Weekend Read — Who Controls Bitcoin Core?

This week we like to present you a very informative in-depth blog on who controls bitcoin core, known as Bitcoin. It is a long read but it will offer great insight in the development and governance issues facing bitcoin, and why it has so far created more forks then any other cryptocurrency.

‘’As I’ve argued extensively over the years, it’s practically impossible to fully comprehend Bitcoin as a system. The definition (control) of Bitcoin the protocol is like the definition of a language. Languages emerge spontaneously; the consensus over the meaning of words is organic rather than dictated by dictionaries. Much as dictionaries describe the phenomenon of a language rather than define it, so do Bitcoin implementations describe the language of Bitcoin with code. No one is forced to agree with the definition of a given word in a dictionary, neither are they forced to agree with code in a given Bitcoin implementation by running it.’’

To read the full blog. 

Enjoy and have a great holidays!

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