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PPI Weekly Stats

This week we witnessed another major sell off in most crypto assets, which was followed by a strong bounce on Wednesday. The bounce coincided with a technical analysis strong point. Word on the street is the bottom is in, major players like Mike Novogratz have called it as have many others. It is has yet to be seen what the future holds in store.

The week marked a all time low for the PPI, which saw a drawdown of -9.51%.

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Weekly Highlight — DigixDAO Community Votes

The DigixDAO(DGD) token holders have voted on 2 proposals the last few weeks. We love the concept of decentralized organizations, so it is amazing to see it come to life with 2 successful votes. Both saw a turnout of 34% of all tokens represented, which was well above the set minimum of 25%.

Carbon vote 1 was a open question on staking requirements and rewards.
Carbon vote 2 was a yes or no question to release ICO funds for the developers to to further develop the governance platform.

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Weekend Watch — Is The Bear Market Over?

We present you the following string of interviews did by Ran Neu-Ner of CNBC Crypto Trader. His question: if we have seen the worst of this bear market. He talks to some big names in the ecosystem and asks for their opinion on the current situation, with some great analysis as answers.


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