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Weekly Highlight — TenX Q2 Transparency Report
Weekend Read — Decentralized Exchanges as the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

PPI Weekly Stats

Following last week’s all-time low for the PPI, we saw a small, but persistent recovery in the last days. We’re closely watching the uprise that started on Friday the 21th of September. Will this mark the start of the next Bull Run?

Compared to last week, the PPI has increased by 8.29%. The current AUM (Assets under Management) is ~ $ 160.000.

Stats from the DAA List
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Weekly Highlight — TenX Q2 Transparency Report

TenX is a solid performer in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator DAA. Currently, the PAY token is outperforming most other digital assets in the DAA structure. This good performance might be because of the professionalism of the TenX team and their enormous ambition towards the future. Last week they released their Q2 Transparency Report, which we’d love to share with you.

To read the full TenX Update: Click here.

Weekend Read — Decentralized Exchanges as the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

This week we have an interesting article about Decentralized Exchanges. We believe in the power of decentralization and are therefore a big fan of a DEX* (Decentralized Exchange). What is the difference between a Centralized and a Decentralized Exchange? Read all about it here:

Take me to the full Weekend Read.

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