About us

You’ve heard about Blockchain, Bitcoin and ICO’s. You are curious but clueless about where to start and how it all works. We help you overcome this. By showing you the easy and safest way into the world of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

We make Cryptocurrency (knowledge) easily accessible to you. We do this through our Personal Support solutions, Blockchain & Crypto Meetups (every 3rd Thursday of the month), Workshops, Seminars and Training.

“I got interested in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator and I reached out to Phoenix Decentralized Solutions for Personal Support. They called me back within half an hour and guided me step by step through the process. It only took like 30 minutes in total.”

Solange, Private Investor

The Team

Dirk-Jan Dorr
Dirk-Jan Dorr
“Realizing the possible and likely implications of blockchain for the world, it became a topic which was hard to let go of. Due to my tendency to think in a metaperspective I am able to see long term potential when it presents itself.”
Nathan Hartman
Nathan Hartman
“I believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology should be easily accessible for everyone, including people lacking the technical knowledge that is often needed to understand and purchase cryptocurrencies.”
Maarten Dorr
Maarten Dorr
“Blockchain has the potential to radically change the way we do business. My mission is to contribute to the projects that have the most impact for a better world, to create a future we can look forward to.”

“The Personal Support was just fantastic. Nathan took his time and answered any question I had. It’s good to know that I can contact them at any time for help. I am happy I finally started with investing in crypto and blockchain.”

Arjan, Private Investor

Our Vision

A Changing World

Often it feels like the world becomes smaller every day and changes at an ever faster pace. New technology spreads at an incalculable speed. We have seen this many times in the past, like the coming about of cars, telephones, planes, television and the internet. We can now witness this again with blockchain technology. We believe this technology will shape our future even more and much faster then internet did.


It is not surprising that anyone just learning about blockchain and cryptographic technology can feel lost. You will need to dedicate a big portion of your time and significant portion of your willpower to be able to navigate in a myriad of innovative financial solutions. As with any kind of innovation there are pros and cons, effective and ineffective implementations, and not everyone will want to see the positive changes it can be for the world at large. We offer such guidance.

Phoenix Event Photo

Our Solutions

We make Blockchain & Crypto easily accessible to you. We do this through our Personal Support solutions, Blockchain & Crypto Meetups (every 3rd Thursday of the month), Workshops, Seminars and Training.

Besides that, we see Blockchain as a tool for a better future. Blockchain can make life cheaper, faster and more efficient. With our experience with Impact Investing, combined with Blockchain technology, we are the sparring partners for impact investors who can and want to make a positive difference through blockchain technology.

Event Calendar

“With the Personal Support, it was very easy to get started with investing in crypto. I can check the value of my investment in the Iconomi app at any time. It was easier then I thought it would be.”

Debbie, Private Investor

Our Values

“Roger Staubach said that “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” This aligns well with the intentions of our DAA manager Phoenix Decentralized Solutions, who plans to provide first-class customer service for new crypto investors as an important part of their strategy.”

Matej Tomazin, ICONOMI.net
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