What is a DAA?2018-03-11T19:51:29+00:00

DAA (Digital Assets Arrays™) are comprised of various combinations of digital assets. Each manager can create his own assortment of specific digital assets and offer them to the community of supporters. Because DAA can consist of as many underlying digital assets as you want, they are a perfect vehicle to achieve your goals. DAA can be either diversified to maximize value stability, or fine tuned to aggressively pursue maximum gains.

What is ICONOMI?2018-03-12T15:27:11+00:00

ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based ICONOMI digital asset management platform. Using Ethereum smart contracts. ICONOMI’s mission is to give everyone the chance to enter the world of digital assets and make the new economy more open and connected. To learn more about ICONOMI, go to iconomi.net.

What is Phoenix Decentralized Solutions?2018-04-22T22:15:25+00:00

The three founders of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions have been investing and trading in the blockchain industry since 2014. The three founders combined experience and exposure to and involvement with the market allows for a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Phoenix Decentralized Solutions aims to enable everyone access to the decentralized economy through education and the dispersal of information. At the same time, anyone is invited to participate in the team’s strategy by joining the DAA.

What is the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-03-11T19:00:59+00:00

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is comprised of assets expected to be part of a long-lasting foundation in the blockchain economy. Investments are analyzed in three categories: protocol, currency, and application. The team wants to offer entries in what it believes are the best investment options in each category. The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator looks toward a future in which a financial paradigm shift of tectonic proportions toward decentralization takes place.

For who’m is the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-03-11T19:10:32+00:00

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is for everybody who wants to get involved with cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It doesn’t have a minimum entry amount. It doesn’t require a complicated and lengthy verification process.

Is Crypto and blockchain investing regulated?2018-04-22T22:13:43+00:00

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator does not have or require (Dutch) regulatory oversight. Phoenix Decentralized Solutions is not a financial institution and does not have or require regulatory oversight.

It is our job at Phoenix Decentralized Solutions to keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments and trends when it comes to regulation of cryptocurrency trading and investing. We are in the early stages of a major paradigm shift, this will come with a lot of speed bumps along the way. For us it is not of question if it will get regulated, but when and in what way. Regulation is needed and will mature the market for the better.

More information about the viewpoints of the AFM (dutch financial regulator):


Can I lose my money when investing in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-04-22T22:07:02+00:00

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator (PPI) is not an investment product. The PPI is not a security. There is no reason to believe that the PPI will increase in value, it might decrease in value or can lose it’s value entirely. The PPI does not have or require (Dutch) regulatory oversight. Please read the full Terms&Conditions of ICONOMI before registering your account and getting involved in the PPI. Click here for the ICONOMI Terms&Conditons.

Our suggestion: “Never spend more than you can affort or are willing to lose.”

What assets and currencies are in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-03-11T19:48:08+00:00

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is a array of assets that we believe will play a big or even crucial role in the coming decentralized economy. For a more detailed overview of the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator; click here.

How do I participate in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator.2018-04-22T21:58:45+00:00

Sign up on the ICONOMI platform at iconomi.net and search for the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator.

For a step-by-step guide on how to sign up to the ICONOMI platform and make your first cryptocurrency purchase. Click here. 

What costs are involved with the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-04-22T21:57:27+00:00

There is a management fee of 2.5% yearly. And a exit fee of 0.5%. The exit fee is used to pay for transaction cost which comes with selling the underlying assets on the integrated exchanges. This is done completely through ethereum smart contract integration.

Does buying into the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator require a minimum amount?2018-05-30T09:46:05+00:00

There is no minimum amount. There is also no minimum term. You can buy and sell anytime you like.

How can I monitor the performance of the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-03-11T19:25:28+00:00

You can follow the performance on the ICONOMI app, available for Android and IOS. Or by going to iconomi.net and going to the dashboard. You can compare DAA’s, find a more detailed overview and statistics at icnhodler.com.

What happens to my Bitcoin or Ether when I buy into the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?2018-05-30T09:06:49+00:00

When you buy into the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator on the ICONOMI platform, your money buys the underlying assets relative to the DAA structure at that time.

  • For example: if the DAA structure is 50% bitcoin, 50% ether, and you buy in with 100$. You in fact buy 50$ worth of bitcoin and 50$ worth of ether. This is done through smart contract integration powered by the ethereum network.
Why not buy all the underlying assets myself?2018-04-22T21:50:45+00:00

It takes knowledge and experience to separate the pump-and-dumps from the true long term value projects. You will need technical knowledge to sign-up, register and buy/sell the assets on different crypto exchanges. It can be hard to keep track of the value of your assets, when they are scattered. With the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator, you can keep track of the value of more then 10 blockchain projects in one place. It saves you time, transaction fees and frustration.

Are you ready to start your crypto adventure with the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?

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