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7:30 pm Leer Veilig Cryptocurrency Kopen
Leer Veilig Cryptocurrency Kopen
Dec 21 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Leer veilig Cryptocurrency kopen en verkopen, zoals Bitcoin en Ethereum. En kom alles te weten over Blockchain en Crypto. Klik hier voor meer informatie over deze training

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Our Vision for Blockchain

We believe that blockchain technology and digital assets like Bitcoin will change the world for the better. The possibilities of this technology will empower the people. We see it as the best solution for current challenges related to poverty, universal basic rights, microtransactions and more.

We make this new & complicated technology easily accessible and understandable through the sharing of our crypto & blockchain investment knowledge and personal guidance. We also inform about the ‘Phoenix Paradigm Indicator’, a Digital Asset Array (DAA) on the ICONOMI.net platform.

The Team behind Phoenix Decentralized Solutions
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Seminar & Events

What is a Blockchain? How does a Smart Contract work? What’s the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum? How to trade on a Crypto Exchange? We offer varied Seminars, Workshops and Training throughout the year, both at one of our locations and at your own workplace. View our complete range now.

Seminars & Events

Personal Support

You’ve heard about Blockchain, Bitcoin and ICO’s. You are curious and looking for an easy way to get involved. Only you lack the time, resources and/or technical knowledge to get started. Where to buy? How to store? You are looking for a hands-on and personal approach. And that’s what you get with our Personal Support. With our personal guidance and training, we make understanding (and investing) in Blockchain and Crypto easy.

Personal Support
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Getting involved in Blockchain and Crypto is easy on the ICONOMI.net platform. The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is a comprehensive portfolio of digital assets (DAA) on this platform. You don’t need any technical or trading knowledge to sign-up and get started.

Phoenix Paradigm Indicator

The Latest Blockchain & Crypto News

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