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The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator (PPI) is not an investment product. The PPI is not a security. The PPI is not a product or service of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions. There is no reason to believe that the PPI will increase in value, it might decrease in value or can lose it’s value entirely. The PPI does not have or require (Dutch) regulatory oversight. Please read the full Terms&Conditions of ICONOMI before registering your account and getting involved in the PPI. Click here for the ICONOMI Terms&Conditons.

What is the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?

The Phoenix Paradigm Indicator (PPI) is a product on the ICONOMI platform. It is a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio with Digital Assets that contribute to a better future.

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“At first I bought the different Crypto Assets myself on multiple exchanges, but then I heard about the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator. It is like all the blockchain companies I want to invest in, but then in one place. This made crypto investing much easier and way more accessible for me.”

Roy, Private investor

How to Start?

Getting into the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator involves only 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Create Your Personal Account on ICONOMI.net

Step 2

Send Bitcoin / Ether to Your ICONOMI.net Wallet.

Step 3

Use Your Bitcoin / Ether to Buy into the PPI

Create Your Personal Account at ICONOMI.net

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Which Digital Assets are in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?

We believe that the Digital Assets in the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator contribute to a better future. The selection is nmade with the ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’ in mind. We monitor the projects on a daily basis and now what is happing in the markets. There are 16 different digital assets in the PPI, like Bitcoin & Ether.

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Is the PPI a product or service of Phoenix Decentralized Solutions?

No, the PPI is a product on the ICONOMI.net plaform. When you decide to participate, you become a client of ICONOMI and have to agree to their Terms & Conditions. We do not have any access to you personal details on the ICONOMI.net platform. Whenever you have questions about your participation on the ICOMOMI.net platform, please contact ICONOMI.

Iconomi customer support

What is a Digital Asset Array (DAA) and how does it work?

A Digital Asset Array is a way to buy multiple Cryptocurrency with 1 account at 1 place in an easy and secure way. You won’t have to register on multiple exchanges. You can check the value of your Digital Assets at anytime.

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Want to know more? Got Questions about the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator?

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Phoenix Decentralized Solutions is not a financial institution. We do not provide any licensed financial services, such as investment services, fund management services or investment advice. It is not possible to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through Phoenix Decentralized Solutions. We do not sell or buy Cryptocurrency.

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