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Personal Support

Although we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved in the blockchain economy, we understand it can be a bit overwhelming. For those who are looking for personal guidance, we are here to help you. We will guide you through the entire process. Currently, we offer this service in the EU only.

Why choose Personal Support?

You have decided that you want to participate in this new and exciting economy. But you lack the time or knowledge to read through all this new and complicated information and get to your first buy to start your crypto adventure. Our Personal Support is what you need. It is the ultimate way to make Crypto & Blockchain easy for you.

We can visit you in person or help you from a distance, and guide you through the entire process of registering, identity verification, buying and safely storing the assets you want. We will explain everything and answer all of the questions you might have. We do not offer financial (investment) advice.

Choose for a care-free solution with personal guidance and explanations. Contact us.

What makes it easy

  • You tell us what you want, and we will show you the way.

  • Together we will register, verify, buy and store digital assets according to your wishes.

  • We can guide you trough the process of buying Bitcoin or Ether and transferring it to your personal ICONOMI account.

  • We can explain and show you how to use your Bitcoin or Ether to buy into the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator.

  • All set and done. Welcome to the new paradigm.

Which Personal Support fits You best?

Personal Support - Crypto Trading

175per hour ex vat
  • We’ll train you in how to buy / sell Cryptocurrencies
  • We’ll show you how to safely Trade on the Crypto Exchanges
  • Outside NL: only possible by Skype or Live Chat
  • From up to 2 hours
  • Most students require 4-5 hours of training before trading solo

Personal Support - ICONOMI

  • We’ll help you registering your ICONOMI account
  • We’ll teach you how to transfer Bitcoin & Ether
  • We’ll show you what the Phoenix Paradigm Indicator is
  • Free for the first 2 hours, after 2 hours: € 75,- per hour ex vat
  • Most students require 1-2 hours of training

Personal Support - Premium

275per hour ex vat
  • Ask Us Anything related with Crypto & Blockchain
  • Free intake consult
  • Personal 1-on-1 Support possible anywhere in the EU*
  • From up to 4 hours
  • Most clients choose this option because of the personal approach
Call Now +31 3 799 7178 to make an appointment

We offer all the help you’ll ever need to get started with Blockchain & Crypto

Contact Us For Personal Support
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